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Accurate and Mature Image Algorithms
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Solution Architecture
Rapid implementation with integrated hardware and software application to fulfill diverse demands
Solution Architecture
Software Solution
Intelligent analysis and early warning platform to meet video analysis demands of diverse industries
Nebula AI Visual Analysis Platform
Nebula AI Visual Analysis Platform is a EHS management platform specializing in delivering artificial intelligence video analysis services. Consisting of Corerain Computing Center (CRCS), Corerain Inference Platform(CRIP) and Corerain Management Center(CRMC), it forms a structured management toolkit with “1 platform and 3 centers” to provide clients with flexible and convenient artificial intelligence analysis services.
Solution Highlights
Autonomous & Controllable Hardware
Autonomous & Controllable Hardware

With chip utilization rate up to 95.4%, the autonomous & controllable accelerators having independent intellectual property right can work continuously 24/7 within -20℃ ~ 70℃ and 3ms latency, supporting industrial general algorithms.

Make the Best of  Existing Equipment to Lower Cost
Make the Best of Existing Equipment to Lower Cost

Use original camera for image analysis, compatible with existing supervision system, suitable for batch  launch  and greatly reduce deployment cost.

High-precision Image Algorithms
High-precision Image Algorithms

The self-developed deep learning image algorithm development platform ensures the accuracy of algorithm.

In-depth Integration of  Software and Hardware
In-depth Integration of Software and Hardware

Integration of Accelerator+Algorithm+Platform supports image recognition of multi-channel videos, and simultaneous processing of different algorithms, delivering high cost-efficiency computing power.

Standardized Platform
Standardized Platform

Achieve integrated standard solution from chip to operation platform and final interface of users to accelerate AI deployment.

Multi-level Open API
Multi-level Open API

Provide multiple-layer development capacity, from  restful API of business layer to algorithm call API of service layer, to help customers customize their own products.

Target Industries
Smart Oilfield Smart Oilfield
智慧化工 Smart Chemical Industry
智慧加油站 Smart Gas Station
智慧电力 Smart Grid
智慧矿山 Smart Mine
智慧冶金 Smart Metallurgy
智慧港口 Smart Port
智慧工厂 Smart Factory
智慧营业厅 Smart Business Hall
智慧园区 Smart Park
智慧仓储 Smart Warehouse
Smart Surface Inspection Smart Surface Inspection
Smart Oilfield
For potential safety hazards such as crude oil leakage, illegal intrusion, and others in oil production process, Corerain provides an integrated Acclerators-Algorithm-Platform solution adopting artificial intelligence technology to execute automatic inspection and alarms on production scene data about helmet wearing, crude oil leakage, smoke and flame, intrusion of strangers,smoking against rules, pumping units operation status etc., helping oilfields achieve comprehensive perception, prediction and early warning, data-driven and collaborative optimization, building intelligent control framework and innovative development model, promoting efficient operation and green safety, and providing strong support for efficient development of oilfields.
Smart Chemical Industry
The severe security situation in chemical industry caused by a wide variety of special raw materials and complex processes leads to frequent accidents and high requirements for work safety supervision, emergency management in the chemical enterprises. Corerain offers the enterprises of industry a smart chemical solution with integration of Acclerators-Algorithm-Platform applying AI video intelligent analysis technology, supporting real-time intelligent analysis and alarming of personnel behavior, environmental risks, production equipment, and special operations, to help the chemical industry achieve intelligent EHS management.
Smart Gas Station
For the problem of frequent safety accidents at gas stations, Corerain provides an integrated Acclerators-Algorithm-Platform solution, adopting intelligent video analysis technology to recognize, alarm and record irregularities such as smoking and phone calls, abnormal situations like open flames and smoke, and irregularities such as personnel leaving their posts during unloading operations, incorrect placement of fire extinguishers, and insufficient time for electrostatic discharge in the refueling and unloading areas, to realize automatic alarms by alarming in advance in the gas stations. The alarm data can provide the basis for the precise implementation of policies by the regulatory authorities and ensure the safe and stable operation in the gas stations.
Smart Grid
For power generation, transmission, substation, distribution and other key scenarios, Corerain delivers an integrated Acclerators-Algorithm-Platform solution, which deeply integrates traditional power operation and maintenance system with artificial intelligence technology to achieve intelligent safety supervision, real-time analysis and hidden danger warning which can reduce the cost of operation, maintenance and inspections, eliminate hidden dangers in production, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises' informationization, integration and innovation, and realize sustainable development of personnel,equipment and environment.
Smart Mine
Although Mining exploration and mining technology are improving continously, there is still a high incidence of mining safety accidents, which brings challenges to the sustainable development of mining industry. Corerain's smart mining solution provide algorithms that penetrate into industry scenarios, self-developed accelerators and video analysis management platform to detect risks such as human-machine mixed operations, worker violations and equipment abnormalities in the production process, and give alerts in real time to help mining companies accelerate their progress towards intelligence and improve the level of work safety.
Smart Metallurgy
The metallurgical industry is facing many challenges in the EHS management, such as complex production processes and harsh environment. In response to the potential safety risks and hazards in the metallurgical industry, Corerain introduces an integrated Acclerators-Algorithm-Platform solution to identify and detect safety dress, personnel behavior, equipment status and environmental risks in key dangerous operation areas in real time,thus making the safety supervision in operation process visualized and intelligent to improve the efficiency of safety management.
Smart Port
Port safety is a complex system engineering, featuring scattered flow, complex operation, man-machine interaction, wide coverage, and continuous operation day and night. In order to solve the difficulties of large blind area of port supervision and reliance on artificial control, Corerain provides smart port with an integrated Acclerators-Algorithm-Platform solution to carry out full-time high-precision intelligent analysis on personnel behavior, equipment status and environmental risks in key places such as gates, RMQC, RTG, tremendously solving the problems of efficiency, management and safety in ports, and facilitating the intelligent transformation of ports.
Smart Factory
Traditional factories are in the critical stage that fosters new growth drivers to replace old ones, and urgently need to adopt technologies that combine intelligence and information to promote the transformation of production management models from partial, extensive and ineffective to safe, accurate and efficient. Based on the video image data collected by the cameras in the factory/workshop, Corerain offers an integrated Acclerators-Algorithm-Platform solution for factory work safety supervision, which identifies the safety dress code, operation specification, equipment status, environmental safety and other work safety factors in real time through artificial intelligence technology, to feed back on the dangerous events to the safety management team timely and improve the work safety management efficiency.
Smart Business Hall
For banks, government affairs, insurance, communications, automobiles, highways and other physical business halls, Corerain provides smart solution with an integrated Acclerators-Algorithm-Platform based on high performance accelerators at the edge, and supplemented with customized AI video analysis algorithms according to industrial requirements to help business halls improve digital management level, strengthen personalized service operation capabilities, and achieve closed-loop safety management mode.
Smart Park
Traditional park EHS management has problems such as unconnected systems, complex personnel management and low operational efficiency. Corerain provides park managers with a smart safety supervision solution with integration of Acclerators-Algorithm-Platform for an intelligent analysis of personnel behavior, environmental risks and other factors in the park, linking people, vehicles, objects and scenes to realize cluster management of the park, significantly improve park EHS management, effectively enhance managers' control of overall information and reduce operation cost.
Smart Warehouse
For the pains of safety supervision, such as wide variety of goods, mixed personnel and numerous machinery and equipment involved in warehouse, Corerain delivers a smart warehousing solution based on Video + AI analysis to improve the clarity, efficiency, flexibility and response speed of interaction. The solution can achieve 24-hour intelligent analysis, accurate and timely recognition of abnormalities, warning of potential accidents, to help enterprises simplify the storage safety supervision process, improve intelligent safety management level and ensure the efficient transportation and circulation of goods.
Smart Surface Inspection
Smart Surface Inspection
Corerain provides customers with end-to-end industry Solution from the underlying hardware to top-level algorithms. Aiming at complex scenarios such as product surface defect detection, location and classification in industrial manufacturing, Corerain customizes AI algorithms for customers and delivers AI model deployment tools to help companies deploy and run the solution simply and efficiently based on the advantages of the self-developed accelerator with low latency, high performance and high cost-efficiency, significantly improving the overall production efficiency and product yield in the line. Currently, the solution is widely used in the fields of new energy, 3C electronics, semiconductors, auto parts, packaging and textile.

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