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Smart Gas Station| Corerain x The Private Gas Station


The private gas station is a large private enterprise that integrates petroleum refining and subsequent chemical industry. The company is mainly engaged in trading of petrochemical products, gas station franchising and capital operation.

Lack of Safety Skills
Lack of Safety Skills
Employees lack basic safety skills, temporarily use unstable facilities, or firefighting equipment is not in place.
Low Level of Safety Management
Low Level of Safety Management
Under the severe industry competition, private gas stations put survival first, rely on artificial control instead of the assistance of intelligent means for safety management.

The solution makes full use of the existing equipment and focuses on supervising the refueling and unloading area, tank storage area etc., by analyzing the original streaming data from cameras in the station, to achieve real-time detection of risks such as smoking, phone calls, smoke and flames and misplacement of fire extinguisher in the refueling and unloading areas to ensure operational safety.

AI intelligent video analysis system is constructed to reduce the risk of accidents caused by human factors.
AI intelligent video analysis system is constructed to reduce the risk of accidents caused by human factors.
Deploy AI software and hardware integration solution, reduce cost and avoid waste of resources by leveraging existing cameras.
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