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Accelerate AI Deployment
with Next-Gen Computing Platform

Focusing on leading streaming AI technology, Corerain provides high performance, low-latency and high cost efficiency Next-Gen computing platform to accelerate AI deployment in smart city, smart EHS management, smart manufacturing, autonomous driving and other fields.

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Custom AI Streaming Accelerator (CAISA) Architecture Beyond Von Neumann Bottleneck

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Intelligent Visual Analysis to Fulfill Various Industry Demands


Our Technologies Have Been Successfully Implemented in Many Industries

Smart Oilfield

Smart Chemical Industry

Smart Gas Station

Smart Construction

Smart Grid

Smart Mine

Smart Metallurgy

Smart Metro Station

Smart Port

Smart Factory

Smart Business Hall

Smart Park

Smart Warehouse

Surface Inspection

North China Petroleum Industry Base

An all-round 7*24 safety supervision system for oilfield operations is established to improve safety management, with real-time analysis of 500 channels of videos at oil fields through Corerain's artificial intelligence video analysis platform and recognition...

North China Petroleum Industry Base

The Fine Chemical Demonstration Industrial Park in South China

Corerain establishes an information-based EHS supervision system for this chemical park covering three aspects of environmental protection supervision, work safety and emergency management in the park, gradually achieves digitalization and precision of...

The Fine Chemical Demonstration Industrial Park in South China

The Gas Station Enterprise in Shandong

Corerain provides an overall AI video analysis solution to detect the correct placement of fire extinguishers, electrostatic discharge operation specification and other operation status in the process of oil unloading in real time and realize 24-hour automatic detection of irregularities such as calling, smoking, leaving the post, and the risk of flame and smoke. The solution constructs a rapid response mechanism to dangers, achieves instant alarm for abnormal situations and automatically retains the relevant videos to meet the intelligent construction requirements of the regulatory authorities.

The Gas Station Enterprise in Shandong

The Construction Management Platform in Northern China

Corerain have made a significant contribution in the developing of the Construction Site Management Platform in Nothern China, deploying 1 Nebula X6A Edge Station per site, accessing 500 camera video streams for analysis through algorithms such as open smoke and fire, personnel intrusion, and personnel fall recognition, and building a rapid response mechanism for hazards, to strengthen the efficiency of site safety management.


Provincial Power Grid Company

Analysis of personnel behavior, environment status, equipment status & defects is carried out based on the substation video analysis system, to ensure an effective prevention and early warning of safety events, integrate the management of various videos in the station, speed up the realization of unmanned substation mode, and improve the information management level.

Provincial Power Grid Company

The National Mining Group

Corerain uses image recognition algorithm technology based on deep learning to detect scenarios such as mixed human and machine operations in the production process, intrusion of people around the earth-discharge vehicles and cracks occurring on the ground in real time, and to link the sound and light alarms on site for real-time warning to realize supervision automation and guarantee the safety of the production process.

The National Mining Group

The Large Steel Group

Through Corerain's video system to acheive smart upgrade, combined with deep learning algorithms, it identifies equipment operating status and gives warning of potential accidents, and makes centralized visualization of safety supervision for the key areas within the plant, improving the intelligent management level and reducing the incidence of accidents with technical assurance.


Southwest Rail Transit Video Analysis Renovation Project

Corerain uses AI video analysis equipment to connect the existing video system, achieving early detection, active prevention, and real-time alerts of abnormal issues, improving supervisors' perception of hidden risks, and helping managers effectively avoid or efficiently handle emergencies.

Southwest Rail Transit Video Analysis Renovation Project

The Port under Shandong Port Group Company

Corerain AI video intelligent analysis platform is constructed with the accuracy rate of various algorithms over 90%, to realize intelligent whole-process supervision of hot work operations, reduce the possibility of port safety accidents, transform from human supervision mode to efficient and accurate intelligent supervision mode, and improve safety management capability

The Port under Shandong Port Group Company

The Famous Beer Group

Corerain provides a complete accelerator-algorithm-platform integration solution, and uses AI video intelligent analysis platform to realize automatic alarming of environmental status and safety operations, timely detection of hidden dangers, and compatibility with the existing equipment, greatly saving manpower and equipment cost, improving safety management from extensive to intensive mode.

The Famous Beer Group

The Communication Business Hall in Shandong

Based on the existing video analysis program in the business hall to carry out intelligent upgrade, Corerain's solutions achieve passenger flow counting, sleep-during-duty recognition, smoke and fire warning and other intelligent identification functions to guarantee the controllable upgrade costs while significantly improving management efficiency.

The Communication Business Hall in Shandong

The Research Institute in Shandong

Corerain AI video analysis platform realizes the functions of visitors management, recognition of smoking, personnel wandering, personnel falling down, and passenger flow counting, all-day warning alert in seconds, and quick positioning of problem floors.The platform accurately identifies the flow direction of people, provides intelligent operation and management with visual basis for decision-making, improving the security performance and management efficiency of the park.

The Research Institute in Shandong

The Chemical Storage Park

Based on video + AI intelligent solutions, Corerain helps the chemical storage park to achieve 24-hour real-time analysis, accurate and timely recognition of abnormal conditions and early warning, to provide strong support for unmanned management, effectively reduce dangerous events in the warehouse, and simplify the storage safety supervision process, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The Chemical Storage Park

The Domestic Microelectronics Group

Corerain AI industrial vision intelligent detection platform is deployed to identify defects such as wafer overdisplay, tarnish, probing, residue and scuffing with an algorithm accuracy of more than 99% and to realize full-line detection and classification accurately and efficiently with an algorithm accuracy of more than 99%, reducing production cost by 50% for enterprises.

The Domestic Microelectronics Group


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Accelerate AI Deployment with Next-Gen Computing Platform





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