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智慧港口 Smart Port Solution

Smart Port Solution

Integration of Acclerators-Algorithm-Platform| Intelligent Management of Port Work Safety
Solution Overview
Port safety is a complex system engineering, featuring scattered flow, complex operation, man-machine interaction, wide coverage, and continuous operation day and night. In order to solve the difficulties of large blind area of port cameras and reliance on manual control, Corerain provides port with an integrated Acclerator-Algorithm-Platform solution to carry out full-time high-precision intelligent analysis on personnel behavior, equipment status and environmental risks in key places such as gates, field bridges and shore bridges, tremendously solving the problems of efficiency, management and safety in ports, and facilitating the intelligent transformation of ports.
Programme Overview
Solution Value
Cost Reduction and Efficiency Increase
Compatible with exsiting system for a flexible deployment, and quick realization of whole-process intelligent safety management and labor cost reduction.
Precise Recognition
Precisely realize the recording, analysis and management of the whole process of safety production and avoid the safety hazards based on high-performance artificial intelligence inference platform.
Maximize Data Utilization
Make full use of structural data to improve the level of information sharing and management decision-making through visual presentation.
Solution Architecture
Scheme Architecture
Solution Deployment
Application Deployment

Accelerate AI Deployment with Next-Gen Computing Platform





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