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Smart Gas Station Solution Smart Gas Station Solution

Smart Gas Station Solution

Intelligent Video Analysis for Gas Stations | Overall Work Safety Management Upgrade
Solution Overview
For the problem of frequent safety accidents at gas stations, Corerain provides an integrated Acclerator-Algorithm-Platform solution, adopting intelligent video analysis technology to recognize, alarm and record irregularities such as smoking and phone calls, abnormal situations like open flames and smoke, and irregularities such as personnel leaving their posts during unloading operations, incorrect placement of fire extinguishers, and insufficient time for electrostatic discharge in the refueling and unloading areas, to realize automatic alarms by alarming in advance in the gas stations. The alarm data can provide the basis for the precise implementation of policies by the regulatory authorities and ensure the safe and stable operation in the gas stations.
Programme Overview
Solution Value
Ease-of-Use AI Edge Station
Ease-of-Use AI Edge Station
The autonomously controllable AI edge station contains customized algorithms, compatible with existing systems, reducing the deployment cost.
All-scene Safety Supervision
All-scene Safety Supervision
Visualized supervision of safety hazards in key areas such as refueling and unloading area is carried out through AI video analysis platform to reduce the accident rate.
Efficiently Assisting Management Decision-making
Efficiently Assisting Management Decision-making
A visualized, digital and intelligent management platform is built to provide evidence-based management decision-making tools for emergency management departments.
Solution Architecture
Scheme Architecture
Solution Deployment
Application Deployment
Case Studies

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