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Smart City

Corerain offers AI solutions for urban operation monitoring and surveillance control, including special vehicle management, retailers management, shared bicycle management, sanitation worker management, and urban footprint analysis, to accelerate the construction of smart cities.


Real-time front-end detection with over 90% detection accuracy and full-scaled city surveillance

  • Pudong New Area, Shanghai
    Pudong New Area, Shanghai
  • Futian District, Shenzhen
    Futian District, Shenzhen


Corerain provides the aviation industry with AI solutions for time-series-based real-time processing of sensor data and abnormal vibration warning, improving the flight safety. These solutions solve critical problems in data analysis during test flights of large civil aircrafts, such as long time-consuming, insufficient analysis methods, and slowly fault locating during processing of extensive test data.


Nebula accelerators series are used for high-speed real-time processing of flight test data and exception detection of China’s C919 large aircraft, including real-time monitoring, real-time analysis, real-time prediction, and real-time storage. They provide an effective tool for data analysis and exception locating during flight tests.

  • Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd.


Corerain provides AI solutions such as semantic segmentation and image recognition for the aerospace industry, and plays a role in forest fire prevention and sea area monitoring.

  • China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation
  • China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

Smart Fin-tech

Corerain provides time-series-based ultra-low-latency AI solutions for the financial field to improve the stability and response speed of trading systems, widely applied in autonomous financial modeling, risk analysis and quantitative trading.

  • Smart Fin-tech

Industrial Monitoring

  • Power Grid AI Application Development Platform

    AI application development platform using the end-to-end automatic toolchain RainBuilder, Corerain built the AI application development platform for the power grid industry.
    Power grid AI development servers and platform are deployed in a centralized manner to sort out power grid AI application scenarios and analyze data on this platform. In addition, users can develop AI applications based on their needs and field data.
  • Frontend Solution for Electric Power Inspection

    Corerain's frontend AI accelerator, Rainman, can be deployed on electric power inspection devices such as cameras, drones, and robots to continuously detect large vehicles, fires, ices, insulators, triangles, nests, and meters and perform real-time analysis, processing of inspection data and active warnings.
  • Industrial Monitoring

Smart Education

Corerain provides high performance, low consumption and low latency AI smart education solutions for campus.


Corerain's frontend AI accelerator, Rainman, can be deployed on the OPS system and with this AI-enabled system installed in front of a classroom, students’ in-lesson behavior can be recognized such as standing up, raising their hand, resting their head on a table, or just looking around, with 86% accuracy. Students’ in-lesson behavior statistics can be used to provide feedback for teaching quality.

  • Smart Classroom Solution
    Smart Classroom Solution
  • Smart Classroom Statistics
    Smart Classroom Statistics