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  • 90% Theoretical Peak Performance Chip Utilization Ratio up to 94%
  • 3x Increase in Per-Unit Computing Power 3x Increased in Energy Efficiency Ratio
  • 5ms Latency 5ms Latency
Nebula Accelerator

Nebula Accelerator NA-100c

High performance AI inference acceleration board designed for for edge and backend devices

1.64 TOPS

PCIe 3.0 x8


4.87 ms

205.7 FPS


8.76 ms

114.2 FPS


21.49 ms

46.5 FPS


17.87 ms

55.9 FPS

Yolo V3

38.48 ms

25.9 FPS


113.33 ms

8.8 FPS


2.97 ms

337.5 FPS


445.18 ms

2.2 FPS

Note: Batch=1, INT8 The above CNN models are created by TensorFlow framework, *KY-SSD and *U-Net are custom CNN networks

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Rainman Accelerator

Rainman Accelerator

High performance AI inference acceleration board designed for frontend devices

102.4 GOPS

Gigabit Ethernet interface

7.0 ~ 8.5 W

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Advantages of "Nebula" and "Rainman"

  • High

    High performance


    16-channel real-time detection of single card

  • Low

    Low latency

    10 ms

  • Low Power

    Low power consumption

    CAISA architecture,

    10 times energy efficiency ratio Increased

No entry barriers, supporting AI applications in various fields

  • Semantic segmentation
  • Object Detection
  • Image recognition
  • Feature Regression