The head background
  • 90% Theoretical Peak Performance 90% Theoretical Peak Performance
  • 3x Increase in Per-Unit Computing Power 3x Increase in Per-Unit Computing Power
  • 5ms Latency 5ms Latency
Nebula Accelerator

Nebula Accelerator

Providing deep-learning-based object detection,tracking, recognition and attibute analysis intergrated back-end solution.

Processing Capacity

16-channel 1080p video streams

Full-scale real-time object detection and video

structuralization analysis with minimum object

size of 60x60 pixels

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Rainman Accelerator

Rainman Accelerator

Providing deep learning-based object detection and tracking intergrated front-end solution.

Processing Capacity

1080p video stream

60x60 pixel specific target full detection

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Advantages of "Nebula" and "Rainman"

  • High

    High performance


    16-channel real-time detection of single card

  • Low

    Low latency

    10 ms

  • Low power

    Low power consumption

    CAISA architecture,

    10 times energy efficiency ratio Increased

Low barrier and full coverage application

  • Image recognition
  • Semantic segmentation
  • Time series analysis
  • Speech semantics